My artwork is grounded in traditional painting technique while engaging in contemporary thought, process and meaning. Painting from life whether my subject is the figure, still life or landscape gives me an opportunity to study the subject’s construction and essence. Initially, I draw my subject with graphite and this act of drawing transports me into an interior place. While in this inner place, ideas intuitively ignite into action and into painting. Using the customary process of painting for these representational paintings is something I instinctively go back to time and time again. I find this process joyful and a necessary catalyst for percolating thoughts, synthesizing ideas, and combining imagery and materials into a new whole.

The mixed media/collaged paintings have been greatly inspired by the multicolor, pattern, and textures of fabrics and quilts. These mixed media paintings have become vehicles that address my interest in the content and narrative of modern social challenges such as: loss, aging, and the environment. Colors and textures are achieved through a variety of watercolor techniques, sea washes, spraying, stenciling, and masking applications; while shapes and images are often attached by stitchery. This applique process of stitching paper to paper is both pragmatic and aesthetic in that the collaged image is moveable until stitched and then lays flat; thus aesthetically adding the ‘hand made’ mark of the artist. In addition to the ‘quilt like’ element, the imagery in these paintings reflects life experiences in a personal iconography.

A personal use of symbols has developed in my work over time. The symbolic shape of a house in a number of paintings for example becomes the common denominator literally and figuratively for “home”, guardian figures are repeated in various forms and the concept of memory is reflected in transparent figurative silhouettes. My inspiration for painting is found in everyday life and my enthusiasm for engagement in the painting process.

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